If you have very sensitive data, desktops, servers, I would advice to monitor your machines. Logwatch is a simple set of script which reads your logs and send you tidy and readable emails. The goal of this page is to setup logwatch for Vitalus.


  • In services/vitalus.log
# this is in the format of <name> = <value>.  Whitespace at the beginning
# and end of the lines is removed.  Whitespace before and after the = sign
# is removed.  Everything is case *insensitive*.

# Yes = True  = On  = 1
# No  = False = Off = 0

Title = "Vitalus"

# Which logfile group...
LogFile = vitalus
  • In logfiles/vitalus.conf (don’t forget to adapt the paths)
# What actual file?  Defaults to LogPath if not absolute path....
#Solaris is /var/cron/log -mgt
LogFile = /root/.backup/backup.log

# If the archives are searched, here is one or more line
# (optionally containing wildcards) that tell where they are...
Archive = /root/.backup/backup.log.*
  • In scripts/services/, put the script available in Vitalus sources in logwatch/scripts/services/.